This really true to original made 1967 M16 A1 Replica is produced by Denix, a Company located in Spain. I ordered it from (Germany) for 145 € in December 2021. It is partial functional. You can pull the charging handle right behind the carrying handle to „charge“ the weapon. Loading a cartridge into the firing chamber is not possible, but you can pull the trigger. It’s also possible to remove the magazine. Thats it. I will use it for display at the Willys Jeep M38A1 even if it’s forbidden, to drive around while mounted. The weapon is 98cm long and weights 3.33kg.

M16 A1 Replica left side

M16 A1 Replica right side

M16 A1 Replica top view

 I separately ordered an original US rifle silent sling to complete the M16 A1 Replica as you can see in the pictures.

I got an original M16/AR-15 vehicle gun mount for the dashboard that I have to install in future. So stay tuned for more content.



M14/M16 mounting

STATUS: January 15th, 2024| NOTICE: All pictures are taken and created by myself. Respect the Copyright!

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