I’ve ordered a complete body kit from MD Juan for my 1953 Willys Jeep M38A1 at B.V. REOMIE in the Netherlands in 2015. It arrived at the company after 10 weeks in March 2016. I decided to pick the body kit up by myself, because I’ve heard a lot about the huge stock of old Reo-Trucks and other parts. I drove 300 kilometers to a small town called Ooij in the Netherlands. The shopman was really friendly and it took only some minutes to load the box with the body kit into the van. Thereafter I was allowed to have a look at the company area. Take a look at the pictures. It was unbelievable. Hundreds of old and rusty REO-Trucks and other parts. That was awesome, I love those places. Thanks a lot for that experience and the friendly service. Thumbs up.

Adresse: B.V. Reomie Automateriaal, Erlecomsedam 34, 6576 JW Ooij, Niederlande

The Shop
Jeeps around the Shop area

Company area

 Storage yard at the left side of the store/office

NOTICE: All pictures are taken and created by myself. Respect the Copyright!


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