Mauser Karabiner 98 | 8×57 IS

This is my original Mauser Carbine 98 made at Mauser Manufacturing in Oberndorf 1938. It was used in second world war and has the original Wehrmacht stamps on it. Take a look at the detailed pictures below. After second world war the carbine was used many years for hunting.

LINK to Wikipedia Mauser K98

LINK to Wikipedia Waffenamt Codes



5945 and 4942 = Number of Parts | 63 = WaA63 means Waffenamt 63 | 
42 = Manufacturer Code Oberndorf (Germany)


This clip was used to load the magazine with max. five rounds of 8×57 IS ammunition. IS = „Infanterie Spitzgeschoss“. Follow the LINK for more informations about that special ammunition:


First pictures made at 10th of February 2010:

Detailed pictures made at 1st of May 2017:

Kleines Handbuch „Das Gewehr 98“ mit Reinigungsgerät 34 und Seitengewehr.

Bearbeitet und zusammengestellt von Heinz Denckler, Heinz Denckler Verlag, Berlin C2 – Respect the Copyright!

Pictures created with Photoshop for my Instagram Channel:


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