The radiator grille has to be rusty. I took the grille out in the rain for a few months during winter. The lamp installation was not easy at all, but one by one. The first thing you need is the GRILLE of a Jeep and two of the head-lamp housings complete with screws and springs to adjust the bulbs. Also you need the correct cable for wiring. I have used a black cable 2 x 1,5 mm2 for 220-230 Volt in Germany. I have ordered two of the old style bulb holders via Amazon. They are made out of Bakelite, so I did not need a ground cable. The Diamater of the head-lamp housing hole at the backside is to wide for the black plastic rings of the bulb holder, so I figured out a combination of a metal- and a self-made plastic shim to cover the hole and to center the bulb holder in the head-lamp housing as you can see in one of the following pictures. You need 4 metal shims, two of them painted black.

To connect the cable to the bulb housing is easy, if you follow the included instructions. Additionally I used a shrink tubing to get the cable a little bit stronger, because I were not able to use the original plastic srew of the bulb housing to fix the cable. It is not enough space in the head-lamp-housing, so I decided to use one of these rubber gaskets to secure the cable in the bulb housing. This solution is NOT for outdoor use. The Jeep Grille will be installed in our livingroom.

Next up you have to use the original plastic ring of the bulb housing and the two shims. The metal shim is for stabilization. The plastic one is more for lagging. You have to tighten the plastic ring slightly to the bulb housing. Add the two shims and insert the construction to the inner part of the head-lamp housing. 

I have used another metal shim to cover the hole of the inner part of the head-lamp housing. I varnished two of them black because you can see this one afterwards. To secure the installation use the original plastic ring and tighten it slightly at the bulb housing. This is the last chance to center the bulb housing as you can see in the third picture.

Now you have to get the inner part installed to the head-lamp housing. The cable of the bulb holder will go through the original hole of the head-lamp housing perfectly so no drilling is needed. Insert the two small metal pins to secure the two springs, add the inner part of the head-lamp housing using the two adjustable screws and hook the springs at the inner part of the head-lamp housing. I did that with a tong.

Now you can install the two finished head-lamp housings at the Jeep Grille and do the wiring. I always use WAGO-terminals to connect the cables in a jack. The Grille can be easily mounted to a wall, because it has two similar holes at the backside. We bought two old style bulbs via Amazon.


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The two pictures above shows the original condition of the Jeep neon sign. I bought it from a scrap dealer in 2017. It was in function and mounted on a 3.5 m long aluminium board. My plan was to get this neon sign at the staircase wall of our new house as you can see in the pictures below.




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STATUS: April 13th, 2020

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